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Everyone should visit the JWST pages

James Webb Space Telescope:

         The following link takes you to very nice and interesting page which presents you the 3D view of the Hubble space telescope successor -the JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE(JWST). Also presents the features of the JWST.


 James Webb Space Telescope  Vs  Hubble Space Telescope:

          The following link takes you to very nice and interesting page which presents you the comparison between the James Webb Space Telescope  which was named as the successor of Hubble Space Telescope.



 Simulated Views of Jupiter with Different Size Telescopes

      In the following link you will find the simulation of different apertures to see the jupiter. As aperture increases jupiter is clearly observable.



   (1) This site contains the sun images of different wavelengths


    (2) SpaceWeatherLive.com is a near live website where you can follow

          space weather from the Sun to Earth and know exactly when you

           can see aurora.




  Video Archives: Astronomy & Physics

(1) Astronomy related Video Archive

      The website contains videos related to astronomy. The videos related to Blackholes,sun,planets, etc. Very nice site. Everyone should go through the site.              http://http//www.space.com/video/archive.html

(2) Physics related Video Archive      

       The website contains Physics Demo Videos related to Nuclear physics, atomic physics, optics and  lotmore chapter by chapter.




Physics Links

(1)  This website contains links to Physics help, Physics Fun,Famous      Physics  Faces, Physics realted sites:  http://www.sciencejoywagon.com/physicszone/phylinks.php

 (2) This website contains a number of physics animations.


(3) Contains number of resources that will be very useful for teaching.


 (4) Java Applets on Physics  by Walter Fendt

     The web page contains a number of simulations on Mechanics, Oscillations & Waves,Electrodynamics,Optics,Thermodynamics, theory of relativity,Physics of atoms,Nuclear Physics. The applets will only work if a Java runtime environment (version 1.4.2 or better) is installed on your computer if using Internet explorer.



(5) For Applets and Shockwave Animations for Physics Syllabus

         The following web page contains links to a number of applets and animations related to Oscillation and Waves,Wave Phenomena,Young's Double Slit Interference,Electricity and Magnetism, including How a Compact Disk Works,etc.


 (6) For Radar tutorial, Phased Array Antenna tutorials: